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Product name changes & formulation checker

 Product name changes & formulation checker

It's EquiFeast's aim to make products that are highly effective and easy to use.  Over the past two years, we've been working hard on optimising our products efficiency and it's all thanks to you - our happy customers, that we have now developed a NEW product system that offers a product to suit any horse's diet.

Magnesium can have both positive and negative effects on our horse's behaviour and it is vital that we get YOUR horse's levels right when assessing behaviour.  Based on the feed that you are currently giving, EquiFeast's NEW Mag-FREE, Lo-Mag, Mid-Mag, Hi-Mag system should make it easier for you to choose a product that works WITH your feed and not against it.
 So, If you've been using one of our specifically formulated products i.e. EXTRA or LITE, please note the changes below:


Mag-Free suits horses on supplemented feeds such as complete pellets/chaff.
Lo-Mag also suits horses on supplemented feeds but at slightly restricted levels.
Mid-Mag is the optimum range.  Best suited to horses fed un-supplemented feeds like basic chaff/nuts.
Hi-Mag is best suited to very low or nil magnesium diets like un-supplemented chaff, grass nuts and hay.

Please note, the products themselves have not changed, only the name.  This name change will apply to all VCAL chelated calcium products.  This includes:

Cool, Calm & Collected
Sensible Essentials
Mare Essentials

The below table outlines the number of heaped teaspoons of MagTUNE
(a chelated magnesium) which is found in each dose of the various formulations:

 If you would like more information regarding the various formulations which we can offer or the product name changes, please contact the EquiFeast team and we'll gladly guide you through it. 

Tel: 01453 836974

Thank you.